Creating a new client

For each company you want to invoice, you will need to create a client with at least one contact at that company. To create a new client, click the create new client button on the clients page. You will then be required to enter the clients company details and create a contact at that company.

Client name

Enter the clients name as it appears on their legal documents e.g. ABC Electrical Ltd, Delta Design LLC.

Client address

Enter the client's full address for processing invoices. This should be as accurate as possible and include the full postcode/zip code.

Additional details optional

The additional details fields allow you to add information that is not mandatory that will appear on your invoices for this client.

Account reference - if you have a reference for this client you can enter it here and it will appear on your invoice.

Client invoice defaults optional

If you have specific currency and charges for this client you can enter them here. These will override any values you enter in the account settings and each invoice you create will use these values as the defaults.

Once you are happy with the details you have entered you can create the client and have the option to add another straight away.

Last updated: 2016-10-07 17:19:26