The Options area let's you control your own personal settings.

    • Email signature When you send invoices to your clients, Invooz will use this information as a template for all of the emails that your client will receive.
    • Invoice email template When you send your invoices to your clients Invooz will use your invoice email template for the email that your client will receive.
    • Thank you email template Once your client has paid an invoice you should mark the invoice as paid. When doing this you can send a "thank you" email to the client notifying them that payment has been received. This template is used when formatting the email.
    • Invoice reminder template If you invoice hasn't yet been paid Invooz can send automatic reminders to your clients letting them know that payment is due soon or if payment is overdue. The invoice reminder template is used as the email that your client is received.

Last updated: 2016-10-10 08:29:23